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Samples & Selections

  • Ads and Advertorials

    An integrated marketing plan will include the coordinated use of advertising media from traditional print and broadcast to social media.  Traditional campaigns can be digitized with custom messaging for niche markets and distributed via new media for additional impact.

  • Publications

    Annual reports, targeted newsletters, product and information brochures, and other traditional publication-based media can support your marketing goals.  Depending on your needs and your competitive position, an integrated approach to your marketing plan will include one or more publications produced traditionally, digitally, or both. 

  • Public Relations

    Media fragmentation and the rise of Web-based outlets have raised the bar for successful public relations.  Not only does your database have to be accurate, but your messaging has to vary by outlet.  Our public relations programs help you hone your message, and then custom-pitch it to outlets that will reach the decisionmakers best qualified to impact your business or institution.

  • Sales Promotion

    The tools of sales promotion will help you reach target audiences and prospects more effectively.  Strengthen your marketing plan with sweepstakes, contests, coupons, promotional discounts, premiums, in-store displays, gift offers, events, and product sampling.  An integrated approach will allow you to coordinate your outreach with support from blast e-mail, traditional snail mail, advertising, and public relations.

  • Direct Marketing

    Web-based options to reach key audiences continue to expand the role and impact of traditional direct marketing.  We will help you evaluate the best DM strategy for your goals, then work with you to optimize your databases as well as your messaging.

  • Fundraising

    With few exceptions, nonprofits today want to lower their demographic by age and raise public awareness for their mission.  The key to a successful campaign is building long-term relationships that can have a viral impact with spontaneous word-of-mouth interest.  Personalization is the key.

  • Conference Management

    Integrated marketing has a practical, obvious application at trade shows and conferences:  the goal of achieving one-on-one conversations with customers and prospects.  We can help you coordinate effective outreach to exhibitors, attendees, the media, vendors, and staff with targeted messaging for each.

  • Web

    Websites have only seconds to engage the visitor.  Messaging must express your unique value proposition in just a few words with at least one compelling reason why someone should do business with you—and when possible with quantitative, not qualitative, reasons why you are the best choice.