Feb 21, 2014 - 03:32 PM

Twitter tips

Social connections made easy

We can't call Twitter new any more. But there are always new things to learn about social media. Here are a few tips that can help increase your interactions with key audiences and improve your outcomes.

• The bio form

Fill it out completely with a blurb about your business or institution and upload an avatar as well. A complete bio form will help build the user relationship.

• Use visuals

Pictures of your team add personality to your Twitter account. Include background information, too. These are all signs of positive activity, which is attractive to users.

• Research and use those #s

Go to hashtags.org to learn what hashtags are trending for your business or organization. Create a list of the ones that are most applicable and then include them in your Tweets.

• Follow more of the right people

Following people connected to your mission is the best way to draw attention. Twitter's #Discover tab will take you to “Who to follow” where you can identify users aligned with your brand.

• Test promoted Tweets

These cost money, but they outperform regular Tweets and should be part of your social media mix when you have a big message to communicate.

• Tweet images

We saw one stat that pictures now appear in 36% of all Twitter links. Figure out a way to make images work for you.

• Interact with your followers

Acknowledge the people who want to follow you. Reach out to them in a Tweet and express your appreciation. Do the same when someone retweets your message.

• Use the research tool
Go to twitter.com/search-advanced when you want to find people in a specific geographic location or with specific interests. It's a powerful way to target followers.

• Keep followers busy

Users only want to build relationships with accounts that are active and interesting. But keeping the level of engagement high is tough. So one way to stand out from the crowd is to hold frequent contests or games that get people involved with your message. Promotions work, too.

• Be timely

Time your Tweets around the highest traffic times typical for your audience. For some it may be breakfast; for others lunch or some other daypart.

• Be consistent

If you're going to Tweet, then have a schedule that supports your overall marketing plan. Like anything else, it takes consistency to build success. So just go ahead and do it!